Viewing A Gsculpt Mesh Tut

Viewing a gSculpt modelling tutorial

Making and viewing modelling tutorials is one of gSculpts main strengths.

Lets use the head model that comes as one of the examples in the gSculpt package. Go to the File menu and choose Open. From the gSculpt directory (on Windows, it is probably C:\Program Files\Britefury\gSculpt), find the file head.gpx, which can be found in the examples directory. Open it.

You should see a head model appear in your viewport. It is currently in a background layer. You will need to edit the head model. Ensure that the Scene tab (in the toolbar on the left) is selected, and click the Scene button to bring the scene editor window up. You should see a node called head in the scene editor window. Double-click it to edit it (or click it to select it, and click the Edit button on the left of the scene editor window). Close the scene editor window.

In the scene tab, below the Scene button that you just used, you will see a list that is titled Plan. This shows all the operations required to build the model from scratch. Scroll the list to the top. The list will start with an entry called Node: Model. Below this, will be an entry called Box. Click the box entry to select it. You will see a box instead of a head in the viewport. You may now press the down-arrow cursor key to move to the next entry in the list. Holding the down-arrow key will scan through the plan, action by action. Using the up-arrow will scan in the opposite direction. Using the page-down and page-up keys will move a page at a time. This way you can effectively play back the construction of the model, and rewind as you choose. You can also use the navigation controls (Hold Alt-key, press and hold a mouse button (left for rotate, middle for pan, right for zoom), and move the mouse) to view the model from the perspective of your choosing.

The head model also includes a model of the eyes. You may wish to hide them in order to prevent them from obscuring your view of the main head model. In order to do this, click the layers button in the tool bar at the top of the gSculpt window. Its the 4th button from the left. The Layers window will appear. You should see a layer called Default. Expand it to reveal two entries, one called head, the other called eyes. These correspond to the nodes in the scene editor window. To hide them, uncheck the check-box in the Vs column of the layer list.

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